Worst soccer coaches of all times (part 1)

It is hard to explain what makes a manager terrible. Maybe it’s just that some guys are not up to the job no matter how great they was as player or assistant. Although many times a great player has been believed to be destined to be a great manager, but sometimes the transition just was not or it not for them which often than not, making things never works out.

Surprisingly that some magically get job after job despite terrible track records while others done after first attempt. 

Paul Jewell

Paul Jewell managed Derby County to their lowest flight points total in their history of 11 and to be the lowest finishers in the English Premier League’s history. They did not win even a game during the time he was in the EPL which made him being sacked the following December.

Ian Dowie

Ian Dowie diluted Crystal Palace, then was fired by Board of Charlton Athletic after only a few games, and his attempt to save Hull City after they fired Phil Brown was nothing short of success. 

Peter Reid

Peter Reid’s time at Sunderland and Manchester City was not the darkest time of his career, but he certainly did next to nothing to make himself a good name working at Leeds United, Coventry City and Plymouth Argyle.

Roy Keane

Roy Keane was a top player who started his managerial career by leading Sunderland back to the English Premier League.

However, by the time he left, the Black Cats players were thankful as his management at Ipswich was nothing but full of frustration.

Jacques Santini

The French born Manager Jacques Santini used to be a success in France before moving to Tottenham Hotspur where during the 13 games he was charge at White Hart Lane were a series of pitiful campaigns which forever taint his record.