Top the best coaches in basketball all the time (Part 1)

Basketball is one of the most team sport for the young. This game makes connective and close among players, so it is encouraged to play in festivals.

NBA is the most prestigious competition about basketball in the world. This event is loved and expected by all athletes and fans of basketball.

In this article, we also refer one aspect of basketball. It’s top the best coaches in NBA history. The truth that coaches are not as famous as their players, they play an important role to decide glory of team or not. So, they should be praised and highly franchised in the transaction.

1, Phil Jackson

Jackson is considered as the greatest coach all the time. 

During his pro career, he has ever picked up 9 titles for NBA. He was also voted for NBA Coach of the year in 1995 season when leading the Lakers. He also contributed to build up frame of this team to become one of the best team of NBA all the time.

Before he was a coach, he was one of the five greatest basketball player all the time, including in Jordan, Pippen, Shaq and Kobe.

In 2007, he was voted for the person in Hall of Fame. His winning percentage was estimated about 0,703 so being high.

These achievements can prove a part about his talent and great ability.

2, Red Auerbach

Auerbach was called with nickname as Godfather of NBA because he had over 30 years to be close with this competition under role of a coach and an exective.

He managed the Celtics to go 9 times of Championship, including some amazing records from 1959 to 1966. This period was the peak of the Celtics under leading of Red Auerbach.

During his career, he got record of 823-426 with 0.659 winning percentage. He was also voted for the NBA coach of year in 1965 season and Hall of Fame in 1969.