TOP 4 fitness coach full of vitality in sports world

These girls all have beautiful, hot looks, have a lot of followers on social networks, and especially are inspirations to live happily and healthily.

9X coach instructing yoga Sjana Elise Earp (24 years old) is both a supermodel and a famous yoga coach, loved by many people on social networks.

1. Danielle Robertson (25)

The famous Australian bodybuilding coach currently has 727,000 followers on her personal page. Not only possessing a hot body with standard 3-ring measurements, Danielle also has a pretty face like a doll.

A bachelor of Criminology, but perhaps the great passion for shape and training has inspired Danielle Robertson to become a coach. As a teenager, Danielle spent more than 10 years in athletics and became a national athlete, which is also a solid foundation for 9X’s bodybuilding passion later.

2. Krissy Cela (24 years old)

She was born in 1994 from Albania is a famous bodybuilding coach. Besides the hot body, beautiful face also makes people always remember Krissy. Starting to make practice vlogs posted on social networks in 2017, she was born in 1994 and quickly gained popularity. Krissy has now reached 1.3 million followers on his personal page.

In 2018, Krissy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law and shared the joy and pride of fulfilling the goal that she has worked hard to achieve for many years. Shortly thereafter, the female coach was engaged to her boyfriend Jack Bullolas.

3. Sjana Elise Earp (24 years old)

The girl who is both a supermodel and famous Yoga coach on this social network has made many people jealous knowing the money she earns from brands by wearing only. clothing, go to the resorts and post information about them.

Although her body is not too hot, her sexy features when performing yoga poses are difficult to make many people admire. Sjana also makes many health videos to share with everyone. The reason for this was that she had suffered from depression as a child and had to go to a mental hospital a few times.

4. Christina Jensen (USA)

This female personal trainer operating in New York used to be in the Top 20 hottest female fitness coaches in the United States. Besides teaching bodybuilding, she also teaches boxing. With a standard body, full of life and an angled face, Christina is a photo model that is very popular with sports-related brands. The main thing of the female coach is to see the students’ excitement, joy and happiness when participating in their classes.