Top 10 worst head coaches in football

Football is one of the most favorite sports for everyone. To take advantage of this choice, there are many cases to make profit from football. One of the richest people is head coach who has man power to decide strategies for winning.

In football history, there are some special that this head coach has been ever successful with this team but completely failed before another team. It’s normal when winning in football also is impacted by luck, occasion or connection among coach and footballers. 

In this article, we collect top 10 worst head coaches during the past decade. Following it to understand more about characters of football.

1/ Mike Riley (2015- 2017)

After 12 seasons at Oregon State, Mike Riley was invented to Nebraska to replace for Bo Pelini being fired after the last season. Mike was hoped to bring new style, new performance for Nebraska not winning any title during the former’s tenure.

However, Mike was not easy to change this status. His students were continued to be defeated by other teams during the round.

This performance made dissatisfactory for the owner of Nebraska. However, they believed and expected new improvement from this coach.

When finishing three season 2015 (4-9 scores), 2016 (6-7 scores) and 2017 (19-19 scores), Mike moved from Nebraska to Oregon State to work as an assistant for head coach- Jonathan Smith.

2/ Jon Embree (2011-12)

In 2011- 2012, Jon Embree became the head coach for Colorado. When he was invited to this club to replace for the former coach Dan Hawkins, he expected to do something to change the series of failure of team.

Before to Colorado, Jon had a successful football career as a player at Colorado, then he played an assistant with team from 1993- 2002. After a long time for assistant role, he was voted to save this team after losing seasons.

However, his talent couldn’t be enough to create new achievements for Colorado. After 2 seasons, he decided to reject this role, then moved to the Cleveland Browns as an assistant.