Top 10 worst head coaches in football (Part 3)

In this article, we continue to share some notorious head coaches in football. When they led these following teams, they didn’t have any success, even series of terrible failures.

They are whom? Following our analysis.

5, HUGH FREEZE (2012-2016 at OLE MISS)

Hugh Freeze managed the Ole Miss from 2012 to 2016 season. In the first period, He got a little achievements and victories.

But to 2017, he continued to be failed at any season. He only won 12 matches in total 37 matches. These failures led to be sacked directly. He also was in a lawsuit against the school. He was disclosed that he used a cellphone in school to contact to one escort agent. However, these rumors were no evidence to conclude him.

After scandals, he moved to Liberty to become a new head coach in the offseason of 2017.

6, DAVID BEATY (2015-2018 at Kansas)

During three seasons at Kansas, he only won 6 matches and lost 42 matches. It was a notorious record in history of Kansas.

Although he tried to improve status in 2018 season when his team reached three winnings in 12 matches, this achievement was little to save his position at Kansas.

Kansas hired a new head coach- Les Miles to replace David. Then David became a consultant at new club- Texas.

7, TIM BECKMAN – (2012-2014 at Illinois)

Tim Beckman only won 4 games in one league of the Big ten.

With achievement 12-25 in total three seasons, he was sacked in 2014. Furthermore, he caused notorious event when he forces players to practice and play officially due to injuries. He also asked medical staff to clear all players before they recovered health. These actions looked like mistreatment of players.

From this event, Tim Beckman didn’t manage any club at college level.