Top 10 worst head coaches in football

Head coaches play an important role to decide winning or success of one football club. They make strategy and style to build up a strong team then are against other teams.

Normally, we usually listen great coaches to contribute to success for football. But today, we want to change a little. In contrast, we will share top 10 worst head coaches ever in football history. Maybe from his luck or ability, but almost they have not yet succeeded in their team as following.

3/ Gary Andersen (2015-2017)

Gary Andersen signed the contract to Oregon State with millions of dollars in 2015. At this era, all people were surprised when this club invested a big sum of budget to invest a famous head coach.

When he felt not suitable with Oregon State, he decided to cancel the contract. While he knew that he would be punished over $12 million for the left. He stated that salary was not more important than these young men can find a better coach and develop the rest of season with more achievements than he had ever done.

It was a little difficult to explain when Gary was a talented coach but he was unlucky to manage the Oregon State team. As plan, he already was invited to Utah State for the 2019 season after this decision.

4/ Charlie Strong (2014-2016)

During the history of Texas Longhorns, Charlie Strong was listed in the first black coach when he caused bad results for this team.

He was signed contract to become the head coach of Texas from 2014 to 2016.

Before his appearance, Texas was a strong team under management of legend Mack Brown when they won some championships. However, when being leaded by Charlie Strong, Texas Longhorns became badly with series of failure in the 5-7 season.

After this serious result, he was replaced by another coach- Tom Herman.