Top greatest legendary coaches changed the football history

Coaches are a necessary part to make success for football. They look like captains to give strategies, skills, connection and motivation for players to make a good match. It’s hard difficult to imagine that footballers can play without instructions of coaches. Coaches manage as well are in charge of achievements or failure. Therefore, some coaches […]

Athletes Who HAVE to Become Coaches (Part 2)

Larry FitzgeraldPlaying experience: 12 yearsLarry Fitzgerald has been member of Arizona Cardinals for the entire of his NFL career, working with many different quarterbacks and fluctuate in different positions over the years.His ability to nicely roll with the punches drove head coach Bruce Arians to address Fitz as “the ultimate team player” in January. He […]

Athletes Who Become Coaches Post-Retirement (Part 1)

How much do you want Peyton Manning to become a coach after he retires? Or Tim Duncan? The truth is, most often, being great footballer doesn’t always translate into coaching greatness. It happens from time to time, but the ability is rarely. Good coaches possess certain qualities such as great leadership, thorough knowledge of the […]