Purposes of being a Sports Coach (Part 3)

YOU CAN MAKE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY– As a professional athlete you get the opportunity to travel all around the world, competing in different nations. When you become a top level sports coach, you get to do the same. Creating champions and being a successful, famous coach will allow you to live a seemingly lavish life and the life that you always think of. It’s going to enable you to live out your dreams and do things like travel the world with your spouse. You also get to build true wealth and happiness in all areas of life, not just financially.

YOU GET TO SERVE HUMANITY– When you help people achieve their dreams, when you nurture an exceptional team of leaders, when you create good values, when you build a blueprint for success, then you nurture a legacy of changing lives for the better. When you are good at what you do, it helps others to be successful as well and creates an environment of fruitfulness where there are plenty of chances for everyone to be successful. By creating champions, you get to be a part of shaping the community, city and country for the better. 

YOU GET TO IMPLEMENT YOUR KNOWLEDGE– Sport coaches have the skills to enhance every aspect of an athlete’s training to ensure that they get the best performance. At top level, the difference between winning and losing is within the inches. A coach has knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology and know how to apply it to the training process. The coach understand how to apply training load to appropriate amount of stress each athlete can handle in order to get a desired response and performance, and extend the athlete’s fitness capacity. A coach also knows nutrition and hydration and how it affects sports performance.