Unscientific methods some sports coaches use (Part 1)

Sports coaches are often under pressure to get the best performance of their athletes and teams. With good intentions, they often turn to the latest psychological techniques and ideas; however, many of those are not well supported by scientific facts and evidences. The following techniques are widely used by sports coaches despite having no robust […]

Why children’s sports coaches are unqualified and underpaid (Part 1)

Millions of men, women and children play sport and physical activity every day. And around the world, sport coaches support them to reach their personal and collective goals. However, Coaching isn’t always an easy job, especially coaching kids.It is estimated that around 70% of sport coaches is working with children although research shows that, the […]

Athletes Who Become Coaches Post-Retirement (Part 1)

How much do you want Peyton Manning to become a coach after he retires? Or Tim Duncan? The truth is, most often, being great footballer doesn’t always translate into coaching greatness. It happens from time to time, but the ability is rarely. Good coaches possess certain qualities such as great leadership, thorough knowledge of the […]

Ranking Manchester City’s Top Managers of the Premier League Era By Their Win Percentage (part 1)

Pep Guardiola is undoubtedly Manchester City’s best manager to date who is appointed in 2016. But have you ever wondered who being the best in the Premier League era at leastIn this post, we take a look at the win percentages of all Man City‘s top Premier League managers.  10. Brian Horton – 30.21%Brian Horton […]