Athletes Who HAVE to Become Coaches (Part 2)

Larry Fitzgerald
Playing experience: 12 years
Larry Fitzgerald has been member of Arizona Cardinals for the entire of his NFL career, working with many different quarterbacks and fluctuate in different positions over the years.
His ability to nicely roll with the punches drove head coach Bruce Arians to address Fitz as “the ultimate team player” in January. He is also a role model on and off the field, receiving respect from both teammates and opponents, receiving awarded as the first inaugural Art Rooney Award for sportsmanship during the offseason.

Jonathan Toews
Playing experience: Eight years
Leadership experience would obviously be useful as a coach for “Captain Serious,” nickname of Jonathan Toews who was appointed captain of the Chicago Blackhawks at just 20 years old, and he’s led the team through three Stanley Cup wins.

Andrew Whitworth
Playing experience: 10 years
Marvin Lewis, manager of the Cincinnati Bengals, recently shared that he felt left tackle Andrew Whitworth would become a great NFL head coach in the future, having both experience, incredible logic and ability to relate to people.
Whitworth, a long-time leader of the team, recently report on head news for passing the leadership role on to quarterback Andy Dalton, proving he truly put the team benefits above all else.

Kam Chancellor

Playing experience: Six years
Despite just six years of playing experience, Seattle Seahawks Kam Chancellor has proved himself is a strong leader at an elite-level defense who would make incredible coach. The toughness and the respect that he has earned from his teammates are the two qualities, one can never have enough of.
During Chancellor’s recent holdout which is about to end, his teammate Michael Bennett shared all team member don’t hold Chancellor’s absence against him, but the team has absolutely missed his leadership, according to reporters of