Athletes Who Become Coaches Post-Retirement (Part 1)

How much do you want Peyton Manning to become a coach after he retires? Or Tim Duncan?

The truth is, most often, being great footballer doesn’t always translate into coaching greatness. It happens from time to time, but the ability is rarely. Good coaches possess certain qualities such as great leadership, thorough knowledge of the game and the ability and finesse to handle many personalities from various backgrounds, As the result, not all players are appropriate for the job.
But some really do such as Steve Kerr, who was a key player for the Chicago Bulls during Michael Jordan’s time. He was the guy, then become q championship coach with the Golden State Warriors and  was just joined by another pretty decent former player, Steve Nash.

The following active coaches have that type of potential. Some seem to have the right combination of qualities, some have been known by their own coaches style and some … well with some, we simply want to see them do it.  

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is definitely a gifted basketball player, and according to the Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star, coaching is something he would like to explore post-retirement.

After a competition in April 2014, Anthony Slater of the Oklahoman recorded a few positive comments on Durant prospect of coaching. People always think the guys that can play a little bit aren’t smart enough to become coaches, but they are putting lots of effort learning, trying to put themselves in different shoes. Although it’s still early, but “Coach Durant” might be kind of great. 

Tim Howard

Many Americans being impressed with Tim Howard thanks to his goaltending heroics at the 2014 World Cup and his ability to coach. He would make a good coach thanks to the experience he learned playing. 

In football, the goaltender is like the backbone of the team who observe everything, communicates constantly, organizes the defense and acts as a natural born leader on the field. Howard is a great goaltender, who thrives on the leadership as the role requires.