3 extremely enthusiastic coaches in the Premier League

The Premier League has just gone through 8 rounds but each team is going through very different stories.

He laughed on the top of victory, restlessly worried about his own destiny. Here are the scores from which the British press reviews coaches of teams.

Unai Emery – Arsenal

Unai Emery’s Arsenal got off to a slow start but they moved steadily. Many Arsenal fans feel dissatisfied with coach Emery because of the constant change of play but still not bringing the expected excitement. However, Emery’s careful playing style is helping “Gunners” stand in the position to participate in the Champions League next season. Compared to Tottenham or Man United, what Emery does needs to be appreciated and supported.

Frank Lampard – Chelsea

After a dark start at Old Trafford, the children of Frank Lampard are playing bursting and dazzling. The departure of Eden Hazard with the transfer ban has caused not many Blues to set high expectations for this season. However, with his attacking play and his belief in young players, Frank Lampard is bringing a lot of sunshine at Stamford Bridge.

Frank Lampard’s success did not stop at helping Chelsea finish 5th after eight rounds, but also to help Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham and Fikayo Tomori be called up to England.

Juergen Klopp – Liverpool

Juergen Klopp cannot ask for more from his students: 8 matches and 8 victories. Liverpool is the best starting team in Premier League history, after Chelsea 2005-06.

Still, The Kop still has problems that need to be fixed. The 4-3 victory over Red Bull Salzburg in the Champions League group stage was the ringing signal for the German coaching army; or maybe two matches before against Sheffield United and Leicester.

Liverpool last season based on solid defensive foundation to create success for the whole season. They need to maintain it this season if they really want to win the Premier League glory.

Pep Guardiola – Man City

Compared to the previous two seasons, Pep Guardiola is going through a bad time. After 8 rounds, Man City lost 2 matches. Their defense has conceded 9 times. Man City must concede more goals than Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, MU and Leicester when they only have to face Tottenham in the Big Six group. Last season, Citizens had to go to the 16th round to discuss the 9th. Clearly, problems in the defense are causing Pep Guardiola to start struggling in the Premier League this season.

At this time, Man City was 8 points behind Liverpool. This makes Man City not allowed to make mistakes anymore. They have to be more pragmatic if they want to chase and beat Liverpool again.